Disgraced – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 31

What would life be like if you and I switched places for a day? No adjustments needed, just jump into each other’s shoes and do everything each other do. Seems a little interesting huh? It’s probably not too bad of an idea if the shoes we stepped in only let us live out the good times and exciting moments of each other’s lives. But those shoes also are filled with sin. I know mine are. Would you still want to step into my shoes, knowing that you’d also be seeing my sins lived out and not just smiling my smile or running around laughing with my kids and wife? I doubt it?

It might seem interesting, but I’m sure if this were possible most of us would reject the opportunity (OOPS – another sin – we love ourselves!). HUGE….HUGE….wake up call when you read Galatians 3:13 and think back to the cross. God saw our shoes and stepped into them. The day He hung on the cross, He was living that day being ashamed and paying for the sins we practice in our lives. He didn’t deserve to be there, but we did? For once, it was a possibility to switch positions, and He embraced it and was humiliated.

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