Depth perception

Last night was a moment when my depth perception was put to the test. I wasn’t driving along the interstate, confused about how close the objects in front of my or in the mirrors were. I also wasn’t trying to take a drink and spilling it all over my shirt as a result of forgetting how far my mouth is from my face. It’s always more fun to see people walk into glass doors or throw a football 30 yards beyond their target. Depth perception is always a very funny thing to me, except for when I’m the one struggling with it of course. Perhaps this should be the second installment of the Captain Me Planet series, lol.

objectsinmirrorIt was a moment when God brought my focus into question. There are many moments where the Spirit has tapped me on the shoulder, curious if I’m still even breathing. My Mom called me last night, wanted me to know that she woke up that morning and something serious went wrong. It could be Bell’s Palsy or a minor stroke. Brain tumors, cancer, and other things were ruled out form the MRI and CAT scan. At that moment I could do nothing but look to God. Thankfully as I had been driving down the road of life recently I had been paying more attention than usual to where my Father is at in my life. This moment was something I was ready for with God. There were tears, but there was no doubt that God was in control. Even when I was uncomfortable He remained constant. The toughest moments prove that He is constant. I might be out in left field with my thoughts or emotions, but He never is.

It woke me up and reminded me that not every day is going to be smooth sailing. For some reason I forgot that. Even after a month of other struggles. I’m well aware that this moment could have been much worse. People, including myself, end up depressed or go crazy at some moment when hard tests like these take place. I am knocked of my rocker for sure. I know others have trouble with sensing where God is in their lives. Especially in the harder moments in life. Has your focus been tested recently?

    • Thanks! She's headed to the neurologist on Monday I believe. She's recovered a bit since it happened, which has been good to hear.

  1. Chris Yoder

    Thanks for sharing, Gabe! I will certainly be praying for your mom! Thanks for your honesty and transparency about what God is doing in your life! It's encouraging and refreshing!:) Love you!:)

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