Deaf to the beat

“God, you are my God. I celebrate you. I praise you. You’ve done your share of miracle-wonders, well-thought-out plans, solid and sure.” Isaiah 25:1 (MSG version)

I’ve seen and heard quite a few Christians that blast people (other Christians) for seeming prideful of what is taking place in their life. I believe there are a few issues that lead to this, but in the end they choose not be slow to speak for sure. Off they go running their mouths and usually opening the door to the true motives of their heart, wishing afterwards that people wouldn’t think of them as a jealous or greedy. Some don’t even care what you think of them, they just blast away without caring if they have given it much thought.

I hear it all of the time when dealing with the social networking side of the internet. Phrases like:

  • “Look at so and so…..getting their shameless plug about their ministry in again”
  • “Oh great, I just got another email from so and so about their ministry product or service”

Usually the problem is that the individual that is doing the blasting has hardened their heart enough that the Spirit has no room to work at all. The person chooses to try to tear down another person’s excitement, and the bad thing is, they are deaf to what is truly happening. Not deaf because they listened to the power of the Spirit for too long, but deaf by choice……..not wanting to have anything to do with the Lord.

The CRAZY thing is that the person who is doing the “self-promotion” is probably doing what the Isaiah verse above is clear about – celebrating God! Too often people just go through life celebrating the mundane things in life. You’ll see this in most Christian blogs or through their Facebook or Twitter status. Most Christians won’t admit it, but they are ashamed of speaking out about how God is at work in their lives. Instead they choose to share about their trip to the mall, their weekend plans, or what gadget they are saving up for next.

Imagine if we all took even the smallest victories in life and celebrated them. When we realize that God works for the good of those that love Him, even the smallest victories in life are worth celebrating – because they are His.

When was the last time we tore someone down for appearing prideful, but they were really celebrating the Lord? When was the last time we took a pass on celebrating God, in a small or large victory? I pray that we call take the time to clear the wax out of ears and wipe the film off of our eyes…’s God who is at work and He is winning, whether you choose to march to the beat or not.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Gabe!  I needed to hear it!:)  It was convicting to me and an excellent reminder to constantly be praising God for what He’s doing in MY life, and rejoicing with others at what He’s doing in THEIR lives!  You are a blessing!:)  Love you!:)

  2. Wow, that was really cool. You know I’ve been trying to do that more. Thanks for your constant encouragement to open my mouth and give God due praise!

  3. This is a big issue in the Christian community…Part of the problem is that we want to judge someone that we don’t even really know.  Thank you for the great reminder!

  4. This was a great reminder. Thanks for sharing. It has always been my greatest desire to give God the glory. I would never want to steal it from Him but it is so easy to do. When people come to me and say what a good job I did on special music it’s easy to “act humble” and bow my head and say thanks. But truly I would not have touched hearts with that song unless the Holy Spirit worked through it. So the glory definitely needs to be His in ALL things.

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