Couldn’t pay enough

Sometime I fail to realize just how much God’s gifted me with the people He has surrounded me with. I’m not their best buddy of course, but we’ve been given the chance to get to know each other only with a specific purpose from God’s plan. This past month has been trying while going through a time of death, disease, birth, and issues……but through all of that there was always someone to come along side us and offer just the right word. Or maybe when my grandmother realizes death is a few months away and says “If my time on earth is going to consist of being tired and disease…….then I’m ready to see Jesus!” There’s nothing more valuable in this world than receiving knowledge from a devout follower of Christ. It probably won’t be a pastor, but someone who knows what you’re going through and is more of a friend than an authority. All that does is force me to want to do nothing else than to come along side of the friends God’s given me, not force my opinion on them, but be there to be nothing but an example of what God is doing in my life. Whether or not that relates to them is not the focus. The focus is that I will answer for myself in the end, and they’ve helped me become more “confident” with who I really am in this journey. Only God knows what I’ve accomplished with my faith in Him.

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