Connecting the web

Sometimes I’m sure you wonder (like I do) about the chaos that we call the internet. There are quite a few technical reason that make calling it “the web” legitimate, but there’s always more to life than just technical details. I’ve been on a journey the past two years to make the internet more about people than about designs or accomplishments. Obviously many of us blog and share our lives with others, opening ourselves up for encouragement or discouragement. I received an email just now that reminded me of why we’ve been blessed with technology. It’s only to be used as a tool that we can utilize (through words or works), TOGETHER with others, to glorify the Lord.

I wanted to publicly thank Robert over at ClickClackNet for posting the comments he has on how God is using me.
Robert took the web a step further than people normally do. He took time out of his day to encourage a few folks that he has come to appreciate. Obviously, it was an honor to be a part of his post, but I’m more thankful of the example he has given us in letting his blog be about others. I could post on here all day about what I’ve been up to, but when God’s up to something He’s usually up to making it impact you and at least one other person.

  1. Pretty neat stuff…amazing the connections we get with the internet.  Just amazing that in the Bible they kept messages in clay pots, then the slate black boards…and time has passed….to  now…. one thing….God never changes…and HE speaks and encourages YOU…to keep going for HIM ! It was on clickity clack, what ever…to podcast…what ever…but the HOLY SPIRIT spoke to your heart….for YOU to know…how He is thrilled you are obeying the call on your life.  I love that little/big “pinky” that has so much talent in it !  smile  ( a Mom comment, sorry) 

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