Community of messy people

What do most kids do when they aren’t moved by their parents, leave their room a mess or clean it up? My kids are no different. They don’t really enjoy messing things up, and are usually keep things pretty clean. But after a few hours of no accountability a clean person is bound to let things get a little messy. I haven’t met a person yet who keeps things clean every second of every day. Every single one of us has been in the moment where guests are getting ready to come over and we fly around the house and at least find a few things that aren’t quite the way we’d want them.

mudfaceWe might not really enjoy hearing it (I know I don’t), but people are messy. Each of us looks like the man in this picture every now and then. The real issue is that we have to be willing to move through life knowing that we’re a mess. Life is meant to be lived in community, and sometimes we have to be fine with hanging out with people when they are a mess. Or admitting that we are the mess, and letting the Spirit clean us up. Wash the mud off, spray us down, and send us back on our way. Through a few clean moments and back into another mud puddle.

A few mud puddles I’ve been through lately?

  • Not keeping the best care of the body God has given me (finally back to running a bit now – that’s just the first step)
  • Not caring enough for close friends when they are in extreme situations
  • Spending moments working on the computer when I could show love to my children even more and be fine

What about you? How has your role in the communities God has put you in been put on hold because of the messes you’ve been in? Would you like us to pray over something? I know that’s what I need, and I would be grateful for your prayers!

PRAYING that I continue to return to the mess I am, and not being focused on the mess others are in first. PRAISING God that seasons exist, and that winter should be headed out of here soon!

  1. janelle

    You got it….very few people will jump in our mud puddles and love us anyways, but God does. thanx

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