Committed Housewife

A post dedicated to my wife – she’ll receive her reward when it counts.

I’ve missed a few days now, but after seeing the “Desperate Housewives and Will & Grace lead Emmy Nominees” heading on Yahoo I just had to share something, lol. I won’t bother describing either of these shows too much…….if you want that info go here –

A few of the show’s characters – a single mom who will do anything for love, a mother of unmanageable children, and an ex-model who has a rich husband, a big house, and even gets to flirt with the 17 year-old gardener…….I’m almost laughing at the reality of this, but yet they call it a comedy?

And that’s what sells to our culture – One Nation Under God. Seriously? This show is actually the big hit of THIS year. This show is a small example of what brings entertainment and happiness to our living rooms, lol.

I haven’t seen one episode of this show – it doesn’t help that I don’t watch television at all anymore. What do I watch then? I watch a committed housewife give me unconditional love every day. Yes, every day. Obviously there isn’t a woman out there who can bring you happiness every second of your life, but it does seem that most men these days certainly must think so. Why else would they bury themselves with repetitive lust? My question to them is this – why bother even giving a second glance or thought to a woman who’s never had your existence even cross her thought path…….let alone vow to love you til’ the day you day and go through labor a third time to give you the chance at having a boy?

My wife is my best friend, someone I very strongly admire. She actually DESERVES my attention……and not only because my existence is forced to cross her thought path every day. I thank God for giving her to me. Without her my life would probably just be trying to be the 17 year-old gardener some wealthy married woman wants to hang out with for a couple of minutes.

LONG BLOG – okay, I’m out after one last thing. God’s given my wife great writing talent…….her first “published” book will be in stores early 2006 – thanks to She’s working hard on the second one and will be proposing the writing to them in the next month or so. I’ll be “advertising” her work on the front of our site – in the future, be sure to check back later!

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