These last few months have been a test for all of us as we learned about my Grandma’s cancerous brain tumor. So many thoughts have raced through our minds, and so many prayers have been lifted up. Starting today we are able to lift up a different type of prayer. We’ve been thanking God for taking such good care of her up to this point, and after hearing amazing news that the doctor has given her a clean bill of health…….what else can you do but thank God? It would be so easy to get angry about all of the bad things and blame God for taking her and us through this. That’s not the way my Grandma looked at it. There was never one negative word spoken towards God through the entire process. She knows, as much as anybody does, that only He is in control. Her cancer-free news is nothing short of a blessing from God. Words can’t express the happiness that we feel today, so I won’t dare try to describe it.

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