Civil disobedience

These are the two flags that I pledge my allegiance to. The American flag, whose red stripes are colored by the blood of courageous men who fought for our freedom. The Christian flag, whose red cross was colored by the blood of Jesus Christ who fought for each of our hearts and souls. I’ve voted in a few elections now, and after reading some of the links below this week, I believe this election could be the one that forces me to choose which blood I prefer to pledge to over the other.

Many Christians have been talking about the persecution taking place in this nation for a while, but I don’t believe we’ve seen anything yet. What I find ironic is that people think they are attacking Christians, when really they’re attacking both flags in this picture. To attack someone’s freedom of speech and religion is to attack the freedoms that those Americans fought for hundreds of years ago. I guess those freedoms weren’t enough for you? Are you saying our soldiers should have fought harder and done more than give their lives?

If Barak Obama, who claims to be a fellow Christian, is a elected, I believe that his “pleasing everyone” attitude will most definitely lead to more sin having freedom to reign in this nation. I won’t go into the details of those, the links below did enough justice with all of that. Choose not to read them and hide if you want to.

This is what angers me more than our Christian flag (the freedom found in the blood of Christ) being attacked. Christians feeling like they have to choose a party to follow, not allowing the truths of God’s Word to play any part in their decision. They see their choice as one that has no tie between the two flags (price of blood that was paid). They believe it’s cool to be an American, and that only a few election items actually matter.

I honestly am not concerned about which party wins. We’ve been through eight years of Clinton, and most of rules I still follow under the American flag are fine with me having freedoms under the Christian flag. I am concerned that there is a very slippery slope ahead where myself and my family will have to choose to be obedient to the flag of Christ over our country’s.

Here’s some scripture that shares my thoughts maybe better than I can:
“If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” Daniel 3:17-18

Some intense reading if you want to check them out:
Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America
Obama as a New Party member

  1. I agree Gabe.  I am sure that one day…sooner than we think…we’ll have to take a stand for Christ and face severe persecution.  I have friends voting for Obama that claim to be Christians.  They are voting for him because of the economy…his views on war…etc.  I don’t understand how those issues trump abortion or keeping marriage holy. 

    Thanks for the links…I’ll be sure and read them!

  2. Wow, before I thought you were just wildly conservatative.  But after reading the “letters from 2012” article that you supported by posting here – I’m dumbfounded.  The details in the homesexuality section were just staggering… so, am I to understand that “Christians” are really this prejudiced against homosexuals?!  I’m really just in awe.  This whole love your neighbor, don’t judge… where did that go?  And the boy scouts thing – this is so classic.  Just because someone is gay, then they are a sexual predator?  What the heck is that?  I really hope you don’t wholeheartedly support this entire article – I hope it’s just meant to scare your fellow “christians” into voting for your choice. 

    Also, you don’t have to try the scare the good ‘ol boys who are worried about their guns being taken away.  Barack Obama isn’t against your gun laws… I guess you’ll have to scare those guys with something else. 

    I did find it funny that this article projecting the budget deficit increasing under Obama…. didn’t you all elect Bush … twice?!  We can thank him for our current financial situation.  Woo hoo Republicans!

    Isn’t a little pathetic to try to scare people into voting for your candidate through these outrageous falsifications?

  3. @Sara – Oh Sara.

    As Christians, the God we follow has made the definitions of sin very clear. Some choose to pick certain sins and disregard others. It’s extremely hard for you to understand, but the sin of homosexuality is what God (and we) hate. It’s a lifestyle that is engaged through the temptations Satan brings. The individual who commits this sin is not committing a sin that is any worse than me sinning against God myself (even after clearly knowing it is wrong – against His law).

    I didn’t write the article, and never called a homosexual a predator myself. If you have a problem with that stuff, you can comment or contact the author of the article.

    About the financial crisis. Sure, Bush hasn’t done a perfect job with it (or even close). But many things played a major role in this (9/11 attacks, two wars, other areas of government not doing their part correctly, etc.). Even some of the intelligent on the Liberal Left have attested to that. I won’t go blasting Obama and saying he won’t do it perfectly, as I’m sure you think a “Republican” would. I also won’t go saying that he won’t mess up at all or be sitting here waiting to attack you for voting for him as soon as he does screw up. He’s human too. My vote is not a vote based on which party the candidate is representing. I don’t call myself a Republican. I call myself a Christ-follower and vote based on which candidate most closely follows those beliefs I have.

    I really appreciate your comment, and for taking the time to read the “letter”. Thanks for your time!

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