Christ’s crazy kin – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 13

For the most part, people usually get along with their families better than strangers or new acquaintances. But what about the times that we all don’t get along with our families? Those are usually the hardest times, harder than not trying too hard to get along with strangers. To think that Christ hung out with his imperfect family isn’t something we usually grasp easily. When we don’t get along with ours it’s not a shocker…..sinful people not getting along with other sinful people. But Christ had to deal with His own family’s sin, even though He could have just opted out of that and stuck to His own sinless life.

We have the same call on our lives that He had. To love one another, and to show love you must be on the offensive. That’s the hard part for me. I’m usually on the defensive when I see the wrongs that others do, but I am learning to be on the offensive more – watching what I am doing first and loving others before going on an all-out attack on their personality and mistakes. I believe God gave us family to love, but also to be the closest thing that molds us into becoming more like His Son.

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