Christ’s Clothing on the Cross – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 32

Your wardrobe resembles you. It’s always fun to sit back and think of what people wear and how that matches their personality. Sports fan – sports clothes. Fashion police – all the get-up. Babies – diapers and onesies. Prisoner – orange jumpsuit. Business man – suit and tie. Hunter – camoflauge. Artist – paint spotted apron. The list could go on. The colors and styles we wear scream our attitude and the lives we live.

Just before Christ went to the cross, they ripped Him of his clothes and some even through dice (John 19:23-24) for the robe that was torn from Him. A pretty intense scene, but a more extraordinary garment. The robe they tore from Him was seamless. This wasn’t just an ordinary robe. It was one that showed us the power of His life, the unconditional love and perfection that He had when He walked the streets. After reading this, we all have to admit that we could not have earned such a robe. We still can’t. Some of us strive for a seamless and perfect life, but fail to realize that that robe has already been worn. It’s pretty powerful to think of the cross as the moment Christ took our split lives and sewed them together, making our rags into riches.

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