Christian civil war


I just erased my list in this current blog of the 5 points of Calvinism and the 5 of Arminianism. If you want to spend time reading them just search Yahoo or Wikipedia and up they’ll come. I have heard about this battle for quite some time, but never was really interested in it – and honestly, after reading them and listening to people from both sides……I’m still not interested, lol.

What’s the big deal? There’s a ton of fighting going on between Christian men about God having already chosen His elect to spend eternity with Him, His grace, losing your salvation, and other things. I am not taking sides with either, and I honestly think those that do might actually be the ones making the mistake. What if all of those in this war spent the time they spend on writing their books or 5 hour blogs on something that touched the unsaved? I think we’re so focused on telling ourselves how good we are and thinking we can get to the point of complete understanding of God? Whether you are on one side or the other – you aren’t going to get there. God is there and you’re not – sorry folks! We have God’s grace, but argue about who else gets it and why. We have been saved, but argue over who else is going to get saved and whether they deserve to be elect or not. Where is that getting us?

The Bible doesn’t tell us to go to the four corners of the earth and preach Calvinism or Arminianism. The division happened after Christ died. The division happened because we’re selfish – right? We want those that might disagree with us to agree with us and admit their faults. What if we led by example and kept living for Christ the way the Bible tells us to and let God do the judging? Arguing definitely isn’t a means to reaching the lost?

One thing I will tell you is that America’s church has been in a rut since I’ve been alive and has been going downhill quickly with each passing year. I’m actually getting ready to read a book entitled Why Men Hate Going To Church by David Murrow ( My family has had the weird opportunity to attend 7 or 8 churches over the past 8 years……..each for at least 6 months. We moved quite a bit in our first years of marriage! I’ve only really enjoyed my time in maybe 1/3 – 1/2 of those churches. I’m not trying to get to a point of being as mad as I can be at the church and then just leaving it and never coming back. I am trying to get to the point of understanding why God’s allowed me to be at the church I am at now. There must be a purpose if we are supposed to stay there. I think I am done blogging for the night…..I need to go finish reading Marla’s new book!

  1. hey,

      Did you ever pray about going into preaching and going at it with Jason….

    that blog sounded like it SHOULD come from a pulpit……   that was awesome.   It is at that time, you sit back and say….wow God is so awesome.

    I have been praying for you and Marla…the church…and you just getting into God’s Word and HIM directing YOU to the church HE has divinely told you guys to go to. 

    I am reading the “organic church”  = church with out walls…no walls….they meet in coffee shops….bowling alleys….they go to the people..they meet in homes…for the first like 356 years there “wasn’t a church building”  …what does the Bible say ?   How many times a week should you go…to say you love the Lord….How much should your kids go, so they should hear about the Lord…or should they hear or be taught it more at home….. I took you guys 3 times a week so that God would be a norm in your mind,heart and soul.   I took you so that you wouldn’t miss who God really is.  That , that is reality…Jesus Christ….and in all essence… my home….my home….it should of been HIS COMPLETE sanctuary….  I wish I would of had you in a church that worshipped HIM as if HE was right there….. God knows…our hearts…God knows are thots…..I pray for YOUR daughters….and pray..they too, will not miss who JESUS CHRIST really is….2006…I have all faith, all faith that YOU and MARLA will show them Christ.  NO walls can do that.

    But thank God for Loretta Wickers,  Marilyn Conrad’s,  Gary Hefners,  Charlie and Carolyn’s who with their whole heart showed you JESUS,  to the best of their abilities…. thank YOU, JESUS>

    I love ya.

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