Chicken, hammer, and Jesus – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 6

The “high school and college” age of Jesus seems to be really confusing at first. I think the best word that describes this phase of His life is “preparation”. That’s probably the same word that describes this time in all of our lives. This is probably the one point in our life that starts paving the road for the next 50 years. God knew that His Son would have to understand work ethics, some level of poverty, and go through the things in life that make being a human what it is.

Obviously He could have just stayed in heaven and not become one of us, but His payment for our sins really did mean that He was taking our place. He went through the tough times in life just like we do. Sometimes I don’t really go to the step of believing that God (the Son) went through phases in His life that gave us the example we have to get through all of this. He lived with the chickens and he had to use a hammer to make the furniture He did. Everything He did wasn’t just a superhero magic trick – that’s what sets Him apart, and I believe that’s what our culture has a hard time understanding.

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