Cheer up, it’s not the end of the world

The whole Family Radio end-times theory sure stirred up the web for the past few weeks, and annoyed me with a billboard on the way to work every day the past few months. I decided to have fun with it all and throw together a quick website to share the truth – you can visit and share it if you’d like over at

Enough about that. Here are a few things that are going on in my world. I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know a thing or two that’s going on in yours!

Saved up a few hundred dollars from designing websites, and am starting to invest more time + money into a dream of mine, the Digital Disciples network. Marla and I will be making that happen by driving down to Charlotte next Thursday for a free STORY creatives meetup with Ben Arment, Sarah Cunningham, and many more awesome people. You can see the details here, and be sure to share it with friends in that area that might be interested! I’ll be sharing Digital Disciples for a few minutes, but am most excited to meet some great people and support some great things!

On the way back from the meetup, we have the privilege of stopping by Charleston, WV and attending Matt Holley‘s (and Krista) wedding. They both live here in Columbus, but originate from West Virginia. I’ve gotten to know Matt via his involvement in the Jared Mahone band, and a trip we took together up to (ironic – see above) the first STORY conference in Chicago. Excited for them!

Speaking of Jared Mahone……if you haven’t checked out their music, I’d recommend doing it before finishing reading this. They’ve just started a Kickstarter Campaign this evening to fund $10,000 in 64 days for their next album. You’ll want to stop by that page and check out the video Matt Holley (from above paragraph) created! I helped them update the site tonight for that, and also snapped this photo this week for the promotion of it.

Have a great rest of May 21st. If we don’t meet again, hopefully I’ll see you on the other side, LOL.

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