Chatting with God

This has happened to me quite a few times in the past week, and I’m guessing it has to you as well. First off, I have to make it clear that my wife and I created a quick convo (in the pic) only so you could visualize the following (wink, wink):

I’ll login to Facebook and start this conversation with a friend or family member. You’re all excited that they’re on at the same time you are, but maybe they’re not as excited. You have some awesome news for them, but they have no clue what’s coming. They’re interested in what you have to say, but little did you know – they have a full afternoon and have to head out before you get to the good stuff.

The conversation doesn’t just slow down and fade to nothing, it slams like a door in your face. You’re left sitting there, with news that might have even been worth their time. Maybe their internet connection just glitched and they’ll be back on in a few minutes? That seems to happen maybe 1 in 100 times. The other 99? Your news can wait.

Let’s switch it up. You take my place, and God is on the other end. He’s ready to chat, but something fills up your time. Think God’s connection ever has issues? Are you like me, and the struggle isn’t finding God rudely jumping offline when you’re ready to talk, but it’s more likely that you haven’t gone out of your way to login and even see if He might be online at the same time you happen to be?

Now everytime I go to chat with someone, and I get that ugly error message that begs me to “Send it as a message since they’ve left”…..I take that as a sign to jump into prayer. Who would have ever thought Mark Zuckerberg would help us in our walk with the Lord? This ever happen to you, or am I the only one, LOL?

  1. Very cool. Love your analogy. God is never offline, but sometimes our sin has added static to the connection and He can’t hear our chat.

    It’s not that our little stuff isn’t important to Him, it’s the ‘What about THIS?’ that I always get when I start to talk to Him. First clear up what is causing the disconnect, then we can chat. 🙂

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