Big giveaway

Might seem like a scam, but it’s as honest as I can be. The world is anticipating the iPad’s launch tomorrow. I’m not getting one, but hope those that made the purchase are happy. Now to the big giveaway here on the blog that I have been tweeting about.

I’m sure a few of my readers would prefer the iPad, but I’m fairly certain that a few need this more than that device. Without it, all is lost. I thought I would be generous and just share it with everyone, rather than giving it to just one select individual. So here you go. Do me a favor and read it carefully. If you open the link and quickly close the window, chances are you’ll regret not having accepted the gift.

If you’ve already accepted the gift before, do me a huge favor and pass it on to your friends via Facebook and Twitter who might appreciate the thought. Thank you!

  1. Good use of this “giving away and iPad” craze thats going on right now.. but drawing in folks to receive the only gift that actually give them eternal life is PERFECT. I am praying for this endeavor. Love you

  2. The Perfect Gift. Given once, For ALL. Would that they receive it.
    Blessed Resurrection Day to you and yours Gabe. Thank you.

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