Big Apple Blessing

I thought the zoo review series was over, but I’ll jump on here and blog a few quick thoughts – from the heart. If you haven’t heard, our family is being flown to New York City tomorrow morning and will be on The Early Show on Saturday (CBS – 7-9am EST) about the 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks tour we wrapped up last week.

After the story hit the Associated Press our lives were too chaotic for the past few days. We’ve been hurt, encouraged, thrilled, blessed, and so many other things in the short time since it all started. Our pastor, Mike Smith, probably put this whole thing into words better than I can in his blog post this week! A few months back we made the decision not to fly to California since the money wasn’t there. It hurt me most, knowing that the girls were so looking forward to that as a reward for how much they’ve went through to accomplish the task God had before us. Not being able to make that happen ended up adding quite a bit to the whole experience, allowing us to replace a few mediocre zoos in the midwest with ones the kids might enjoy better by us driving beyond Nebraska, through Colorado and Utah on our way to California.

But God had a plan none of us were aware of. One that we wouldn’t have bothered even dreaming up. The plan that starts tomorrow morning when we board a plane that He found a way to provide for us. In return, all we can do is look to Him. The media and feedback we receive from others online might be positive, but it could be negative (we’ve seen both already). All I know is that this truly is a private story, shared between the five of us, our families, friends, the zoos who welcomed us, and all of those who selflessly housed us or somehow joined us while we were getting through this. Those new to the story can decide to either come in close and try to understand it from our perspective (as we long to more closely follow our God) or toss bombs in our direction from thousands of feet away in an attempt to thwart the victory (with the help of the devil).

We are choosing to live our lives truly not being afraid of being a bit uncertain about tomorrow. Seeking God’s provision when things don’t turn out, but rejoicing with Him when He makes His way clear. He’s placed us into this world to live in community, and to be a positive light in a society that is too often full of darkness. Tomorrow morning is a blessing that’s brought me to tears of joy for my family. Not because of the hype, but because I’ve seen that God is pouring His love on those I love most through others that want to join Him in that. I’ll definitely be offline until Sunday evening, but will do my best to post updates via my Twitter account to share our journey with those that have joined it with us.

PRAYING that our girls see for themselves more and more how much they are loved by their eternal Father. PRAISING Him for being the source of all that we need, and the rock we can stand on when others long to take that away.

  1. Gabe,

    This whole 52zoos thing is an amazing testimony of how great God is and it is such a joy to see you giving glory to him for it.

    It is also very encouraging for me right now as I am struggling financially and facing some pretty hefty bills. Seeing how God is working and providing for you reminds me that he is faithful and no problem we have is too hard for him!

  2. I can only imagine how excited those girls are! You all have fun! I’m beyond thrilled for you all.

    And I’m beyond thrilled that we worship a crazy awesome God.

  3. Chris Yoder

    Wow! My heart is overflowing with gratitude for how you’re giving God ALL the glory for this whole thing! I have a verse I love to refer to when I see my kids following hard after God and His will, and since you are my kid now, I’ll share it with you, too.:) III John 4 – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”:) My love and prayers are with all of you!:)

  4. Praise the Lord for His wonderful provisions! Praying that God will do exceedingly more than you can ask or imagine for this trip. Have fun!

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