Behind the scenes of our tour – 4 of 4

I’ll wrap this blog series up with a focus on three things in three paragraphs (since our family seems to like numbers with numbers – 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks). Those three things are God, family, and friends. The zoos and animals were great, but if you want to read reviews about all of those my wife’s done a fine enough job with zoo posts. Before we get to the three topics… is confirmed that the five of us are being flown to New York City on Friday morning to be on The Early Show on CBS, which will be live Saturday morning between 7-9 am EST (7:40ish or so)! The tour’s been getting lots of buzz since 10TV started to spread the news and it then hit the Associated Press. We’ll continue to post a few press links on the site.

You might wonder what God really did have to do with the tour this whole past year. Did it really take God to pull touring to all 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks off? Without lots of money – YES. If I could meet each of you and show you our checkbook, I would. There are five people in our family. What are the odds that none of them are sick for any of the trips? Are normal people naturally as inviting as the 31 families that opened their doors up and let us stay with them, or did a real love for God actually guide selfless servants to help our cause? It’s impossible for someone like me to work from home, with 90% of my clients being ministries or churches, and actually make a decent living. The most time off for that type of working environment that should be possible is 1-2 weeks (at the most). Throw a few more weeks in there, much less rest than usual, and you have the timeframe that God wanted to work with. His watch was the only one ticking……and by the looks of things, was the only one right on time.

Now about the friends that helped. I can’t describe how much good the internet did for us this year. This story is one that God wants to use, and He did so with the internet. There’s so much bad out there that gets all of the attention, and it excites me (as someone who works on the web) to see that God is using the internet for good. There are a few friends that helped us out on this tour, in ways that we can’t thank them enough for, that God is just waiting to connect with. We don’t think anyone that was a part of making this happen was just a random connection. Each of the young children, young parents, singles and older couples each were brought into this tour by God on purpose. It’s obvious we couldn’t have done it without them! We pray that the few that haven’t met our God really consider how obvious it is that He loves them.

And our families! Those of us that follow God always hear people that get mad at Him for a certain reason or another. Usually those are problems they have with Him not meeting them on their terms. Some really can’t stand when families pass a legacy of faith onto their children. Like it’s some sort of brainwashing. Both of our families love God, but I can tell you for certain that both of our families were led to God through extremely unique circumstances. And they’ve all commented on the fact that we’ve seen God in a different way than any of them have through all of this. Not a better or bigger way, JUST different. They’ve been extremely helpful through the entire 52 weeks, and God has heard their prayers along with those of our friends. We have learned many things from our families that has guided our focus to the Word of God, but only the individual can actually connect and lean on God when it comes down to it. What many call “faith in action”. Walking the walk, and not just talking the talk. Our kids have pushed through the year, and have seen God themselves in clear ways – without us having to shove our faith down their throats (as some suggest). When God is all you need, He is the only light at the end of the tunnel. There is no other way out. Sometimes that was as literal for the five of us as it can get.

PRAYING that nobody will become more famous than God through all of this. PRAISING God for opportunities to give Him the credit.

  1. janelle

    you nailed it – ” that nobody becomes more famous than God through all of this” – that is why HE is letting you guys be His voice in NY – in Columbus – in every home/zoo/internet….stay humble, stay filled, and go – go – go where ever HE SENDS YOU GUYS….because it is HIM alone that took you, sent you…and the 5 of you in this arena…PEOPLE WILL BE TOUCHED….for HIM…… this is why I love you. IT IS YOUR HEARTS DESIRE. amen.

  2. Love this post. I got a glimpse of your family on Saturday, and I want to know them. They seem incredible, and from what I have heard, they are awesome.
    Love you guys!

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