Behind the scenes of our tour – 2 of 4

The journey is officially complete, after spending the day yesterday at our hometown zoo – the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The 52nd of our 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks. We’ve actually visited a few times this year with the family, but decided to wait and count it last. Many friends (from online and offline) and family members joined us as we celebrated with giveaways, cake and lemonade, and entertainment by the Jared Mahone band. Zoos, friends, and other organizations donated gifts and gift cards specifically for our party guests. Marla’s friends made the day even better by playing a huge role in the planning. Each child got a special gift bag with candy and a stuffed animal!

Honestly, it was an extremely tiring day…..but we weren’t celebrating just for us. We were celebrating what God did. That’s what made it a bit difficult for me. God was glorified, I’m sure. But it’s impossible to praise Him enough in comparison to what He does for us. It’s my prayer that when people hear about this tour, through the news like these three videos show (vid 1 –  vid 2vid 3), that they clearly see that God must be behind it all.

The party, like the tour itself, wouldn’t have been possible without God and without community. Sure, our family did something that seems impossible. I’ll share more details in the next two posts about those specifics, but it was great to see that is how the party also happened. Today feels pretty good. The party and tour are behind us now, but God doesn’t want the message to stop there. How He brought all of it about is something that we’ll be happy to share with whoever He decides will hear about it. Like the rest of you sheep, we’re still following His direction!

PRAYING that people will easily see that only God could have made this all possible. PRAISING God for creating a plan and path to accomplish what took place this year through to completion yesterday.

  1. So excited for you Gabe… Marla.. & girls. How awesome that the local television news allowed Marla the time to share how God provided during this adventure.

    Welcome home.. so very thrilled for you all. And sorry we weren’t able to make the party.

    Love you

  2. Finally getting around to reading the rest of these behind the scenes posts. Thanks so much for haring and for giving all the glory to God. By god’s blessings, me and my wife of two months Valerie are living an exciting adventure this year teaching and living in South Korea. You can check out our site here if you want:
    Anyway, I am so inspired by this idea and hope to do this one day when we have a family of our own. Keep on dreaming, praying and implementing!

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