Because of Love – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 4

Love goes the distance. Might appear like a simple statement, but it’s one that echoes much more than just words. Imagine everything Jesus went through when He was here on earth. So many things that required him to take on a lower position. I look at people around me and wonder if I’d be willing to give what God’s blessed me with for their benefit. Christ didn’t have to deal with sinful people, growing and learning pains as a child, or any other sore of life when He was in heaven.

When He left His position there He knew what was ahead of Him and stuck through it. He knew that in the end the Father would even pour the price of sin on Him through His blood on the cross. It’s almost exciting to think of giving things up for the benefit of others when you see the Christ took it even further with accepting His death on the cross for us. Leaving heaven and dealing with all of us down here seems like a tough enough request to me?

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