Because He lives!

We woke up this morning ready to celebrate the resurrection of Christ less than 2,000 years ago! The morning started off with the girls being as anxious as ever to get their Easter dresses on. All four of my ladies looked as beautiful as ever. They were also excited to go outside and pull their names off of the little cross in our yard – celebrating the fact that the sins of each of us were paid for, and are no longer are an issue thanks to Christ’s death. There is no greater joy in this world for me than to know that my family will be spending eternity in Heaven. I can’t imaging living life not knowing that is true. I pray that each of you might take some time to examine what Christ did for us in this season – He paid the price for your sins just as much as He did my family. Thanks God for my family – and for your sacrifice for them! Because He lives I can face tomorrow.

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