At the same time

It’s sometimes amazing to me how bad of a person I am. I was reminded this week that amounting to something in this world is not what my goal should be. Maybe sometimes I get mixed up with trying to be good (politically correct, polite, honest, loyal, generous, etc.) and to be great (unique, admired, appreciated, leading the way)……..there are so many terms for each of those. I know quite a few people……..maybe some of you are on the list…….that might try their darndest to reach a certain one of those in their life. Some people try to be so good to others, and some people try to be so great.

Here’s the funny part that I have looked past for quite some time. Think of someone in your mind that has been so great and so good at any given moment you were around them – they just made you want to follow them around? Yeah, I’d give up to. I tried and tried, but even my wife didn’t deserve to make the grade. And honestly, no matter how good of a friend or spouse you might have – they don’t pass either. It’s too bad that means neither of us pass as well. This is when I realized just how unreliable I am. I can try my hardest to become whatever I think this world needs out of me, but I will fail when that is the way I look to go. Where do we go then?

We go to the Lord – but it’s not just as simple as saying a quick prayer and thinking we can do nothing but be anxious. He is the ONLY one who is great and good at any given moment. We sometimes get lucky and reach either greatness or goodness, but those moments are very short and rarely do we reach both AT THE SAME TIME (let alone be considered a reliable friend, source, etc). Only He is able to take each one of us in the darkest of times and flip our life around quickly – turning a day of mourning into one of utter excitement. It’s great He chooses not to let us sit in the lowest or highest points of our life for long. Without Him life would be predictable and only bring confusion. It’s kind of amusing when we believe we have arrived and then even have the audacity to hint to someone else that they should follow our example. Like our accomplishments are worth trash when they aren’t reached in light of eternity?

Thanks again to for pressing forward. This week I’ve really enjoyed just sitting back and praising God for how good and great He is. I haven’t given up in trying to fulfill the person He wants me to be. I guess it is as simple as realizing I can’t control it if I tried my hardest.

Eyes off of needing to receive blessings from Him when I need it most……..mind off becoming capable enough to deserve His respect. Life geared towards recognizing that only through Him am I a success at anything. Life can only be so good and so great when He becomes that to us.

P.S. Sorry so long, but I needed to hear it again.

  1. The neat things is…..

    Is that atleast…..YOU ARE GOING TO GOD…… and we and you… realize…that in and of ourselves…we are worthless, prideful,  selfcentered…and all that “HUMANITY” is…but with GOD….  with God…all of God is given to us….all of the HOLY SPIRIT is in us.  And Gabe,  how humble it is….and how neat is,  to see YOUR GROWN child/man….go to GOD.  I have and will continue to mess things up, this side of eternity…but I pray the people around me…”my family” knows…that I go to GOD daily…and tell HIM my faults…and HE   with the BLOOD HE SHED………….wipes it whiter than snow…………

     HOW AMAZING is our GOD !

    YOU are pretty NEAT YOURSELF………………I am just so thrilled that YOU LOVE THE LORD…..period.  There is no higher calling than that !

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