And God just smiles

littlecaesarI was driving down the road on Saturday and I saw it. As soon as I saw it I immediately knew that it would make my daughter’s day. It would bring happiness and joy to her life without a doubt. For this to make sense, have to understand the entire story. The thrill wouldn’t be what it is without what has happened in the past. The past few months we’ve tried to lower our “eating out” budget a bit, and have made a few trips to Little Caesars pizza. You can’t beat a decent pepperoni for $5 and Italian cheese bread or crazy bread for the price. Most of the time I try to take our youngest daughter (Nina – 3 years old) with me. Little things excite kids if we let them, and for some reason she loves going to Little Caesars and touching the big pictures of pizza and seeing all of the crazy little pictures of Caesar all over the place.

inflateyellowguyFor the last year or so she’s also really enjoyed driving by our local Midas shop and laughing at this crazy 15 ft. tall inflatable yellow guy. This winter just hasn’t been the same without him, but we’ve had some fun talks about it being too cold out for him. Or wondering why he can’t be a real man and put a coat on and come dance in the cold. It’s fun to act like a kid again, that’s for sure.

ninacaesarAnd then it happened. Someone decided to build a new Little Caesars franchise just up the road in Westerville. And to kick their opening off they pulled out a huge inflatable LITTLE CAESAR! My mind immediately put the two together (inflatable yellow guy + Little Caesar) and I just knew her little heart would just leap. So after church I told the fam that we were going to surprise Nina with a trip to this secret occasion, and let her get her picture taken there. As soon as she saw it she just went nuts! Isn’t that how God is? He provides one thing, then another, then combines them to make our soul just sing! Philippians 4:19-20 sure makes it clear that it’s His goal to provide for us. It’s a blessing to feel the joy God wants to give us when we’re able to make the day of the sons / daughters He’s blessed us with! What are the Little Caesars and inflatable yellow guys that God has brought into your life that lead to the pinnacle of joy that He intended just for you? Are we seeking to find joy in Christ or just get through today, hoping that some joy somehow arrives?

PRAYING for my brother to have a great week after putting in 90+ hours of ministry work this past week by doing funerals for two kids in his youth group and our cousin that passed away in auto accidents. PRAISING God for wanting to make you and I smile, and never letting us down.

  1. janelle

    make my day ? seeing my husband go “nuts” over a new browns hat…. getting to do things for my grown sons… my grandkids…”walks and playing together as KIDS” – the River – the cabin…but most of all worshipping JESUS CHRIST. NEAT STUFF FOR NINA

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