All I need in a bar

A media promotion company in Nashville sends me CDs to check out and promote on our podcast fairly often. I received the new Beautiful Imperfection release from Fort Pastor maybe a month ago. Their music has great rhythm and meaningful vocals. I saw that they were coming to Columbus last night, but to attend I would have to make my first visit to a bar. Most Christians tend to take a legalistic route and stay away from those places, as I have in the past 31 years. The chances of me taking a sip of beer didn’t exist. First of all, I am observing lent for these 40 days leading up to easter by drinking only water (nothing else), and I’ve honestly never taken a drink of alcohol. I don’t have any issue at all with Christians drinking, unless they let it consume them and get drunk / out of control. For some reason, I just choose to take the safe route and stay away from even testing myself with it. I sat alone in the midst of groups (mostly my age), praying that God would use Fort Pastor to impact the lives of others and myself. While there one lady had the courage to come over and ask me what in the world I was doing. Honestly, I think she was hitting on me, but more honestly – I think God pushed her over towards my table. She noticed that I was paying close attention to their music (not really the other two bands), was taking a few photos, and was sitting alone the entire evening. I handed her a business card of our podcast, and let her know that we would be interviewing the band here in a few weeks. She seemed to respect all of that, and I pray she gives the podcast a listen. Fort Pastor’s second to last song was called “Jesus is all I need”. A clear message about Christ being played just as loud as any other song – that’s all I needed in the bar that evening. It makes me wonder how many places we don’t go, but God still shows up there…..waiting for us to glorify Him everywhere we go.

The roads were a little nasty here in Columbus last night. After their songs were finished, Brant (lead singer) told me he’d be right back – after going down the road and helping one of the folks get their car out of the ditch. That’s the type of guys they are. It was too loud to talk in the bar, but Brant told me he wanted to step outside and chat about what God is up to. We had a great conversation out in the bitter cold for a good 20-30 minutes. They started the Social Justice Army two years ago, as a serving ministry to go along with their music. Their desire is to recruit groups of two or more throughout the country to join and serve the homeless, hungry and poor for at least one hour each month. Most Christian bands get up and sing about Jesus, which is great and all, but this kind of dedication isn’t something you find too often. Serving others without drawing much attention to yourself and saying – “look at me – I’m going overseas and serving”. I praise God for these guys and their hearts, and look forward to staying in touch with them and hopefully helping spread their message on the podcast in a few weeks. Thanks God – I now know you are just alive in bars as in churches!

  1. Great Blog.  I love your thoughts on “It makes me wonder how many places we don’t go, but God still shows up there…..waiting for us to glorify Him everywhere we go.”  What a good challenge to be prepared for every situation.

  2. No words, just sitting in how God moved….the humility of it all….yet the magnitude of who GOD is ..where EVER HE wants to move, HE moves….” here am I, send me !” – attitude.  I will be able to listen to the PODCAST….HSI

  3. So glad you went and had at least one “encounter”.  We regularly go to a restaurant where we choose to sit in the bar.  Over the last 2+ years, God has allowed us to forge relationships with the manager, a number of the staff and a few of the regular customers.  We have had the chance to catch some small glimpses of what He is about but I can’t wait until we reach heaven and get to see the whole picture!

  4. I checked out that bands website and listened to a few of the songs and really enjoyed them.  Glad you did what you felt God wanted you to do.

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