After the heart attack

Life has changed. I had a heart attack on Saturday evening (Marla shared all of the details better than I could over on her blog).

I’ll try to keep this as short as I can – since I’m trying to rest, eat better, start my 4 minute walk exercises, etc, etc, etc.

Every day of life we get is borrowed time that the God who created us has given. Thankfully I know just how much He loved me and sent His Son to die for me. Without that understanding, I’m not sure I would have dealt well at all with the anxiety or stress that an event like this could bring with it.

The plans and path that I am going to follow are going to continue to be whatever God desires. What I want or what you want doesn’t really matter. God chases after us and never leaves us, including during the worst moments like I lived through this weekend.

I can’t describe that to you – that’s impossible. I woke up today and wore the shirt that you see in the picture, a shirt my bro got for me while on tour last month with a bunch of awesome rap artists. I’ve also included 30 seconds from the Signed Up To Die song (buy on iTunes here) that goes along with the shirt (Christian rap artist – Thi’sl) for you to listen to below. He’s a man of God that has stared death in the face while living the gangster life in St. Louis, and reminds me that even death doesn’t have a hold on us since Christ died to give us life that is eternal.

[audio:signeduptodie.mp3|titles=Signed Up To Die – Thi’sl]

Thank you to all of our friends and family (online and IRL). God sure used Facebook to circle some prayers around me, that was an amazing encouragement. My church family knows what true love means, and I thank God so much for the example they are to me of His Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s my prayer that some friends and family actually come to know Christ through this. There’s nothing more I desire from life but that.

So excited to live another day for my heavenly Father! Worrying is not something He encourages at all, so I pray that you’re able to live this journey with confidence along with me!

  1. Aunt T

    So glad you made it home. So glad you know our Savior and live for HIM each day. Now, I pray for your heart to grow stronger each hour. We are not promised tomorrow. None of us know what tomorrow holds.
    Jer. 29:11….For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..
    I am glad I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow… I am glad I know what our future holds with HIM.
    I too, pray that even one life will be changed through this. Take care and we love our Gabe and his precious family.
    Love you, Uncle Harold and Aunt Theresa

    • ellen

      satan tried to take you out brother — so glad you will moving stronger each day for the Lord you were already serving. Also beliveing you will hear a strong message from the Holy Spirit on Cambodia

  2. Praising the Lord right now that you made it, brother. Life is indeed precious, and I appreciate your friendship (though it be only online, it is still real).

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you’re here! And living for Christ. I’m agreeing with your prayers…


  4. Ugh, now I’m crying. Thanks for sharing, Gabe. Love and hugs and prayers.

  5. Jeremy Reger

    Gabe, this is awesome man. God is so good, all the time!

    God is using your story!

  6. So glad you’re ok man and thanks, as always for being so danged open about everything. You’re an inspiration.

  7. Gabe,

    I love to see how God is using your story! I can’t wait for you to be able to use your testimony in the design work you do for 104.9 the River. Your passion for Cambodia has reignited a passion inside of me for our listeners and team. Thank you.

  8. Thanks gabe really glad to hear your doing well. Looks like God has some big plans for you brother and you have a new perspective in which to do his work. I am praying for your healing and daily increase in your strength.
    Brother Bean

  9. Powerful posting Gabe. Love how you have on Thi’sl’s shirt. Puts things in a great perspective.

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