Adoring the external

When I first read the news coming from the recent olympic opening ceremonies in Beijing I instantly looked down on the audacity of China. The little girl to the right in the picture (Yang Peiyi) was the voice behind the song sung by Lin Miaoke, the “picture perfect” choice of political leaders in China to be seen by the entire world. You can click on the photo to read the rest of the terrible story.

I thank the media who has exposed China for what they are. But it opens my eyes to the fact that the media is doing exactly what the Holy Spirit does in our lives. It exposes us, even if it is just to ourselves. We want to appear “picture perfect” with our appearance, skills, attitudes and personality when we are in public with other friends, family or strangers. This is something God has used my wife to challenge me with even more.

There are people in my life that annoy me, some of them being neighbors, friends or strangers (possibly driving on the road, obeying the speed limit, but slowing my life down, lol). Is it really the REAL me that is yelling at my children, talking about how my neighbors parent their children behind their back, or making short comments about other drivers in our van while with our kids. There’s also the other side of the discussion when I see people being all polite in front of others, but if you were a fly on the wall in their house you’d understand who they really are.

Christ is the example that can stand on the center stage, Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago, and be who He really is. He didn’t play the multi-personality game. Angrily running tax collectors out of the temple, but politely embracing children and not gossiping about strangers. This line that He walked was a very fine one, one that this world thinks we should give up on just because it is impossible. That is the challenge of being a Christ follower. Not being a brute when we should be polite, being blunt when it might be easiest to avoid confrontation.

We’ll all be found out one day, as China has been, about how we have been covering ourselves up. Pretending to be “picture perfect” when we are not. I’m sure if China were honest, they would search their star performer over and be able to find something that the world would not find attractive. I know I’m faking it sometimes, how about you?

  1. Great blog. I’m personally guilty of this and I appreciate your honest words.  It’s something I’m not proud of and an area of my life that needs much work.

  2. literally a work in progress….gives the depth of HIS grace and HIS mercy…to us..the Christian who thinks we are trying to reach the unlovely….we are just that, too !

  3. My heart breaks for little Yang Peiyi. I pray someone shares the gospel with her, and she finds out how much Jesus loves her–and her teeth.
    I had buck teeth when I was younger too. But I can’t sing. How fair is that? 🙂

  4. Wow!!  That story is shocking to me about the little girls. Well…not shocking but close!  Reminds me of those Dove commercials with what the lady really looks like and then what she looks like after all the computer work is finished.  Great reminder and thoughts you had on how it can relate to our lives!

  5. Thank you for being willing to share a message that many of us need to not only hear but allow to sink in and cause change!

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