Abandoned by God – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 34

The three hours of darkness that took place while Christ hung on the cross were dark for a reason. In 1 Peter 2:24 we learn that our sins were “in His body”. God brought a supernatural darkness to show that this moment was not one He was looking forward to, or one that He enjoyed at all. Whenever we storms we don’t run towards them, jumping up and down with excitement. Unless we work for the weather channel or get paid to be a storm chaser!

It’s powerful to realize that God had to abandon His Son that day and run away from the joys of life and into a time of darkness and separation. The storm He was chasing was the devastation that our sin brings to our lives. He could have easily left that storm alone, but the cross brought a calm to the storm through the blood of Christ.

  1. Thinking of that darkness….that suffering…. ( you gave me the opener for that show)  seeing this….. Question:  ” are you living….. are  you living out in who you are…WHO JESUS DIED FOR ”  Who HE went through all this pain, agony…. taking sin ….on the cross the suffering…. are you living in totality…..of who CHRIST died for YOU TO BE….

      You trusted HIS death on the cross for your eternal life… are you trusting Him, with your business, your kids…your finances…are you living in the freedom…joy , peace, love….that HE died for ?  How many Christians do you see around you LIVING IN THAT ?

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