A time and a place

Advice from other people is something I really struggle with. It’s so crazy how people have no clue what you’re going through, but pretend like they know exactly what it’s like to be you! Or if they’re well aware that they are nothing like you, a story is quickly created to try to adjust and make you feel like they understand. I personally can’t stand dishonesty. I’d rather someone either admit to not having any clue since they have never been there before, or go insane and make up even more ridiculous reasons of being able to resonate with you.

YOU DON’T KNOW ME, lol. That’s a funny saying I’ve heard people throw around recently, and it’s true for the most part. The funny thing is, I don’t know you either. I might work with you every day, or even be familiar with your past and what you’ve gone through, but I don’t really know anything someone else doesn’t. I’ve always thought it would have been funny if God made us all twins. Imagine – someone else out there that knows what it’s like to at least look like I do. That scares me, lol.

Even twins can’t relate to each other. They “know” how each other acts and quite a bit about what they do or even hang out together. But they don’t know what’s inside of the other person’s mind……or how the Spirit is stirring their soul. So what should I do.

Offer advice like I know what you’re going through. No.
Write a book so people can read my thoughts. No.
Have a podcast. No.
Be a pastor – oh that has to be it. No.

All of these can only make sense at all to others if God makes sense through them. No matter how smart we all try to pretend to be, our failures will catch up to us one day. Hiding from who I really could be the worst mistake of my life.

Thanks God, for giving us three things that we can follow throughout every step of life. The power of your Word. The example of your Son. Grace and mercy through prayer. And thanks for allowing those things to be powerful when practiced privately. Some of the people I admire the most talk the least. Because they don’t have to.

P.S. I was thinking about this post after writing it, and some people might get the perception that I am hinting that we should be self-sustaining and not need any help from other people. Encouragement and prayer are much different than advice or a selfish recommendation. Many of us all are worried more about what people think about us than what they actually have seen from us in the past. Thankfully Jesus didn’t make people feel helpless or useless. He also didn’t build Himself up to be something He wasn’t.

  1.      Wow!  Again you have really caused me to think, and have encouraged me in my walk with God!  What I think is so awesome is the fact that God TOTALLY UNDERSTANDS ME and EVERYTHING ABOUT ME!  I used to get really frustrated when I didn’t think that people understood me, but God is helping me to see that  I shouldn’t really worry about that.  HE understands me, and that’s what REALLY matters!  Thanks for your neat insights!:)

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