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As you can tell (from my intermittent blog posting), this month has been insanely unique / crazy. It started off with the trip to Seattle for the BibleTech 2009 conference. The past two days included a drive up to Chicago with Marla (speaking engagement and an evening alone – thanks to Mom).  Next comes Easter, and early the following morning we will head out on the biggest 52 Zoos trip of them all. We’ve completed 24 of the 52 zoos, and have until August 1st to complete the other 28. If you’re not familiar with the book project, head over to 52zoos.com and view info, our itinerary, a map, and some photos from the visits so far.

This next trip will include a first visit to Oklahoma (Tulsa – Oklahoma City), then to Texas (Dallas – Fort Worth – Tyler – Houston – San Antonio), and a stop in Memphis, TN for our family. We’ve seen God provide in ways that only He could. People to stay with, places to go, and everything that it takes to get there. Just today one of Marla’s friends (husband works for FCA) must have gotten in touch with a friend of theirs (Gary Smith – who works for FCA in another part of Texas). They were working on a place to stay for our family. Then I got a message tonight from an online friend (Reed Smith) who I’ve been in touch with for a few years, and the “friend of Marla’s friend” was his father! And to sit back and wonder what God thinks of all of this! It always amazes me when you let God make the connections, thinking you’re moving into unfamiliar territory, and He’s been aware of what’s about to take place for quite a while. You ever see God show up like that?

PRAYING for a very big / secret project we are sending out as a proposal tomorrow. I can’t wait to share the details. PRAISING God for making His plans known and our paths straight. Even when they wind for thousands of miles into new territory.

  1. God’s plans have always amazed me, how He connects His family together when we would never even stop to think.

    Very Cool…

  2. You are a busy guy. We will need to connect soon. I pray for you in your travels. I will also continue to pray for connections in your travels and that God may use them for His purposes. You’re the man Gabe!

    Brett Aljets

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