A response on self-employment – Part 2

Yesterday I left you with our first steps in leaving the corporate world, and how that ended up not working out. We had 35 families and a few churches financially supporting us (as they would overseas missionaries) as we worked at Scioto Hills Camp. The rest of the staff was paid through the camp budget, but my role was new and wasn’t planned. They wanted me there, but couldn’t pay. That’s usually how missions work happens. After we spent a year at the camp, God allowed some things to come up that made it clear it wasn’t where He wanted us. Talking about challenging! It was the toughest few months of my entire life! Praying about the move, fleeing a comfortable and reliable paycheck, relying on God as we raised the support, and then that not working out? Not easy at all, but I knew it had to be God!

So we approached those same 35 families and few churches about what God might want to do with us next. It was their hard-earned money that helped us get to where we were. God opened a door. There had been many churches, organizations and individuals that had contacted me the past few years to help them with websites and graphic design projects. I helped a few, but didn’t dare attempt to help them all. Not while having a full-time job in corporate America or working at the camp (and having our first child). But what about now? What if those families and churches were fine with supporting us as I ventured out into working on my own and starting to say YES to the possible projects I could be working on with those other ministries?

The families were all for it, and completely understood that the internet is a mission field. Many of them attended churches (and the others were churches), so they knew how vital an online presence is for ministries these days. So Taviano Design was created in October of 2003. We moved closer to our families in northwest Ohio, found a fairly cheap house to live in, and kept our fees extremely low so we could definitely have enough work coming in. That went really well for over two and 1/2 years, until May of 2006. God always came through with enough projects to pay the bills, but our budget just wasnt’ working out. It wasn’t looking good, but we knew the challenge had to be temporary! I made a decision to jump back into an open door in corporate America. Working at a new company with previous co-workers and friends, making the most money I had ever made. The temporary financial problem was gone, but you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post on  how that all changed in October of 2007!

PRAYING for individuals as they go through the difficult leap from a stable income to having to rely on God for every penny! PRAISING God for teaching us that money is not the focus, and that He will always provide. Sometimes not when it is easiest for us, but ALWAYS!

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