A response on self-employment – Part 1

This response is for reader and friend John, aka in the Christian tech and podcast world as Jesus Geek. He was curious how I made the leap from the corporate world to self-employment, specifically working with ministries. And was also curious how I convinced my wife that it was the right move for the family. I’ll do my best to answer both of those point, but feel free to ask more questions if you’d like things cleared up even more.

It started back in November of 2001. God allowed us to start thinking about doing work with ministries. Our two mothers flew to Florida with us to watch our 11 month-old daughter as we went through missionary support trianing (raising money) with Campus Crusade for Christ. We had connected with the international headquarters of their sports ministry, Athletes in Action, here in Ohio. I was going to become their “web guy”. We got through the training, headed home and got to the point of raising maybe 25% of what we needed. We did this while working at a corporate job (vacation time).

Marla and I had met at Scioto Hills Camp in southern Ohio while in college (1996 and 1997). Working there for two summers as counselors with kids every week. That camp had been in touch with us about possibly returning there and handling the web, marketing, photography, print, video, and a few other IT needs for them full-time. We prayed quite a bit, and God made it clear that we would be working for them instead of the first organization.

The families that were giving money for us to go on staff with them were fine with the switch, and we ended up having enough monthly income raised to leave my job and start with the camp in October of 2002. Things didn’t work out at the camp (issues God had control of). I’ll write more tomorrow on how this brought us to where we are now! Subscribe, if you haven’t already, to continue to get these updates via RSS or email.

PRAYING for those that are thinking about partnering with churches and organizations while using their talents. PRAISING God for being our guide through this entire seven year leap from a steady paycheck.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure those of us who are looking to make a similar leap from the walls of corporate America to the home office will be encouraged by your story.

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