A New Favorite Quote

I’ve had a favorite quote for a few years now, but am now excited to add to it. Small phrases from others that speak into my life. This quote is the first to be added.

“Resilience is not learned in the school of victory.” – David Arcos

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This quote really makes me wonder what the message of continuous prosperity and an everyday smile being preached by folks like Joel Osteen really means. Are they in touch with reality? What would Joel do if God wanted to plant his house and /o or church on the coast of Texas where they are waiting this morning to be devastated by another hurricane. He might stick it out, but you can’t tell me he’d be smiling all the way through it. That’s what irritates me more about the group of Americans that think God needs to make them smile every day, or that they somehow deserve their “best life now”.

The picture I included in the blog probably looks like one of many days you’ve had ot live through, maybe even recently. God is there, but He’s bringing a storm into your life to test your resilience. To test your dedication to Him. The going gets tough sometimes, and He doesn’t expect you to be faking the smile. All He does is expect you to lean on Him and allow Him to get you through the moment. You don’t have to appear like you have it all together. You might even have quite a bit of fear. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Say a prayer today for those in Texas, for the families that God has carried through since 9/11/01, for a friend that is battling sickness, a marriage that is ready to crumble. And pray for Joel, that he’ll wake up and start preaching some reality into people’s lives. It angers me to think that false teachers are spreading a gospel that has nothing to do with resilience. Like we’re all in the school of victory every day!

  1. We had a terrible night last night in our neighborhood.  We were screamed at, cussed out, hurt.  We’ve been tormented by a lady for 3 months now…pretty much keeping us in our house or in the backyard.  Shan had to try and deal with it with the husband.  Fear, anxiety…stress was all there.  I love your quote…verse you mentioned.  I needed it badly today.  Thank you!  Reminds me of a Third Day song….”Cry Out to Jesus”. 

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Gabe!  I love that quote, too!  And Proverbs 3:5 is my favorite verse!:)  Love you!:)

  3. Great point.  I often remind myself and others that the bible teaches that christians will suffer in this life.  I probably seem more like gloom and doom at times but if we didn’t have bad times why would we need God? More than that why would we look forward to heaven if earth is really that perfectly awesome.

  4. Wonderful insight…I often respond to people who ask how I am doing by saying that life may not be great but God is so good and I wouldn’t trade His lessons for anything.  We rarely grow when things are going smoothly, we definitely are challenged to grow when things are tough.

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