30 Minutes of Silence Challenge

unplugThanks to a post by Jeff Flowers late tonight (Sunday), I’m attempting a 30 Minutes of Silence Challenge each of the 5 work days this week. I’ll be posting some thoughts throughout the week. There’s lots going on, although mostly good, at the moment. While I’m sitting here listening to the new Awake album by Skillet (which isn’t too quiet – but excellent), I realize that life is just a bit too loud at the moment. I thank God for letting me jump over to Jeff’s blog this evening. Hopefully doing this inspires at least one reader to break from the world for a few this week, and get away with God. I’ll be back later tomorrow with a post and let you in on what God’s up to with the challenge. He must have something planned? As usual.

  1. Matt Hutchison

    I think I am going to see how this goes as well starting today.

  2. G

    Thanks for the post. I’m glad it was an inspiration to you. I’m with you, I hope others are inspired by the idea to take some time away from the noise.


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