30 Minutes of Silence Challenge – Day 5

If I told you that Christ didn’t come to bring peace, would you believe me? All week I’ve been noticing how much peace God wants me to have in life, as a result Christ going to the cross. Peace is a result of change, it is not natural. We find peace from knowing what Christ did for us, but that peace we have is not the reason He came for us.

Might seem confusing! It was for me at first when I was reading Matthew 10:34. When Christ came He knew that some of us would have to not just go against our enemies, but those close to us that might reject our faith or what we’re living for. I think too often we think that we have to be all smiles, polite and friendly to everyone. That look most of us Christians have when they stroll into church. Trying to look peaceful, when sometimes we’ve been at war all week. Whiping the camo paint off of our faces and plastering ourselves with makeup and mascara.

This world is at war, and the Word of God (and life of Christ) really is a sword. Not a bouquet of roses. I think more often we have to fight harder for our faith, knowing that others can have the peace that we have after being transformed. Do we reach the point in life of having our own peace, then forget how hard our enemy is fighting to keep people on his side? I need to remind myself that peace is worth fighting for!

PRAYING for a better understanding of how hard to fight so that others might have the same peace I have. PRAISING God for leading us through the battles of life, and guiding us to lead others to victory by the cross.

  1. janelle

    John 10: 10
    ” I love that GOD has satan’s mission statement
    Jesus Christ’s mission statement in ONE VERSE”

    and that is where we are living = satan in every way is trying to still kill and destroy – marriages, homes, lives, peace..what ever…
    but HIS BLOOD was shed for us…to have life and life MORE, MORE abundantly…. that is where we need to stay….

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