30 Minutes of Silence Challenge – Day 4

When we go to God, we can find peace that is relational, inward or circumstancial. In other words, we can be at peace with one another, within the privacy of our own life, or when we are placed in a situation that seems out of control. Today I read something that really made the “inward peace” click. Nancy Leigh DeMoss was digging into Matthew 23:27-39. You might remember the story of the hypocritical Pharisees? The religious group that did a great job of appearing like they had it all together and impressing their community with their knowledge or fame. When on the inside Christ called them out for what they were.

Here’s a thought Nancy shared on this situation. “As Jesus pointed out, it’s not that what’s on the outside is unimportant. It’s that it’s meaningless to present a polished, immaculate image while masking the underlying scum”. And that’s what the eyes of Jesus saw. He saw beyond the curtain. There is no “backstage” of life when it comes to His understanding. Whether it happens out in public or in private, it’s impossible to fool Him.

The lives of the Pharisees are a perfect example for us when we’re trying to find peace in our own lives. My mind instantly goes to Jekyll & Hyde when I look at my own life and question my intentions. Sometimes when we try to live in the world, we try to do so by being at peace with whatever it takes on the outside and giving up true peace on the inside. Giving up and believing the lie that we can have two identities (public and private).

The purpose of the cross was for our sins to be removed. To bring true peace to both our public and private lives. Not having to be one person at one moment, and another the next. Where’s the peace in that? Can there really be peace when living behind a mask? Have you struggled with this?

PRAYING that those of us who are living a lie will put a stop to it. PRAISING God for caring about our soul and not being easily impressed by our outward identity.

  1. “My mind instantly goes to Jekyll & Hyde when I look at my own life and question my intentions.”

    That is a great line, Gabe. Because it’s transparency with a picture on it.

    This is my heart’s cry. To live the hidden life that the world doesn’t see, but God does. And every time I turn the key and enter into the room with God, and sit myself next to that chair across from him, I drink a sip of the faith brew He’s made for me. And I remember. I breathe. And I wish I came sooner.

    Thanks, Gabe.

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