30 Minutes of Silence Challenge – Day 3

This word “peace” sure isn’t an easy one to study. Day 1 of the study made it obvious that God wanted to bring more peace into my life. What I have taken from all of that is that there wasn’t peace before. Peace is only required when something is “not alright”. Thankfully, He knew that was the case with me and showed it to me in a way that I couldn’t miss. So today I got away with God, and was ready for whatever God had in store. He used a writing from Crawford Loritts in the Our Journey monthly devotionals from James MacDonald’s Walk In The Word ministry.

Crawford wrote a study on Matthew 5:9, challenging all of us to be peacemakers. There are times when we are on the wrong end, and times when we are on the right end of circumstances. He ended the study by stating that “We are most like Jesus when we make it our goal to be peacemakers”. Is it possible to be like Jesus without being a peacemaker? I guess you could be like Jesus in other ways, but we’re not commanded to just transform in a few areas of life are we?

As a parent I saw moments in our house today where our daughters weren’t at peace with each other, and it seemed like one of them wasn’t at fault more than the other. It’s possible they both were in the wrong. So for the last 15 minutes of my time alone I brought the girls into that time and we looked at ways that we’ve chosen not to be peacemakers. From a father’s perspective, I now see how God saw that there wasn’t peace between ourselves and an eternity in hell. He stepped in (and down) and sent Christ as the only peace that was capable of correcting the mess! If you’re not at peace with what Christ did for you, I’d love to hear from you!

PRAYING that each of us take advantage of ways to show God’s truth to our families in practical ways. PRAISING God for sending a peace into a world that was headed for hell.

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! You’re inspiring me to try the challenge.

    May God keep rocking your world =]

    God bless

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