30 Minutes of Silence Challenge – Day 2

Yesterday was miraculous, and was something that hadn’t really ever happened to me before. The whole “PEACE” thing really threw me for a loop. I’m still in the loop and not sure when I’ll actually understand how God made that happen. I’m sure one day He’ll let me know. What is clear is that I haven’t really been focused much on peace in the past. The peace of God and the peace that He allows me to share with others.

Today I found a quiet spot and spent 30 minutes trying to hear more about this peace that God provides. I did some studying and found the Greek word epieikes (ep-ee-i-kace’) in Philippians 4:5. The word is defined as “fair, mild, reasonable, gentle”. I’ve always known that kind of power is who God is, but have honestly chosen to dodge chances of letting that power shine through me. When God’s Word tells us (in the verse above) to give that kind of a peace to others, I’m guessing it’s not the only verse that we’re allowed to pass up.

I found myself today watching for moments I was with others, and how I could bring “more peace” with how I interacted with them. I guess that’s the real issue with all of this. Keeping our eyes and hearts open to what God is trying to do. Hardening our hearts isn’t just something that happens when we become less friendly or less at peace, it’s also when we aren’t progressing towards who God wants us to be. It’s going to be an interesting three more days of this challenge if this is what God has in store already. Have you been challenged to be more at peace with God, and bring more peace into the circles He’s given you?

PRAYING that God continues to give me a heart / desire to be more peaceful. PRAISING God for creating us in His image. An image that always requires more.

  1. G

    Great stuff. I’ve never thought about Phil. 4:5 that way. Great inspiration to me today, bro. Thanks.


  2. Gabe, I like what you are doing here. More Christians need to take the idea of quiet time seriously. For me, as a Catholic, I go to daily Mass often and I get there early and will either read some scripture or sit there in silence. It can be difficult, but it is a good way to start off the day.

    I also am trying to listen to the ipod less. When I walked to school today, I walked without the headphones in so I could listen to the sounds of people and nature and to sense to presence of God in that way.

    You are onto something good. If we desire peace, we need to quite down for a while each day.

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