30 Minutes of Silence Challenge – Day 1

peaceongroundSo off I went this morning! Unsure of where I was headed, but I knew God wanted 30 minutes of silence. Just He and I. No phone or music. Just a small devotional to dig into. For some reason, God didn’t even want me to use that. It’s hard to put what happened into words, but I’ll try!

There’s a woods behind our house that Alum Creek runs through. I was trying to find a spot along the creek to find some peace. I turned around, and was shocked at what I had just walked by (without noticing). I don’t have an answer for it, but there was a word on the ground, made out of small wild flowers, stones, and a few sticks to connect the dots. What was the word? PEACE. Unbelievable. PEACE……P-E-A-C-E! It was amazing.

I sat there for at least 30 minutes, talking to God, sharing my heart with Him, and thanking Him for showing me just how much I needed some peace. Then I was eager to run back to the house and get Marla and Nina (our youngest daughter) and come back and show them (and take a picture). We were entering the woods and a man and his two dogs were walking around. In those 5 minutes his dogs had pretty much ruined the word – making it almost unreadable. So I put it back together a bit and took the photo (you can click it to view large and hopefully read it). Who knew when God allowed the word to be planted there, but obviously He let it stay intact just until our 30 minutes of PEACE together. A minute later and it wouldn’t have even been readable. A minute sooner, and who knows if it was even there. I know it wasn’t there two days ago!

I now know what He wants to teach me this week when I head out. I am blessed to live a somewhat peaceful life, but I’m so unaware of the peace that He wants to give me. The peace that passes all understanding that we find in Philippians 4:7. I’m challenged to be a person that brings more peace into the world and the lives of those I interact with. But I’m learning more and more that there’s only one source of peace in the world. And He’s not going to be silent about it until it pours through our lives.

PRAYING that we all can find peace in our own lives, not just with or in the world. PRAISING God for wanting to hang out with me this morning, and allowing His Word to remain intact just long enough for me to see it with my own eyes.

  1. Chris Yoder

    Wow! What a personal God we have! Thanks for sharing!:)

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  3. Great start man. I’ve been reading the tweets and retweets on this. I think we started something good here.

  4. Nothing short of WOW! It’s wonderful how God surprises us when we follow his leading. That’s a great affirmation of the Lord’s direction for you this week. May you inspire others to follow you as you follow Him.

  5. That was pretty amazing. God sure does care about each of us and our lives, doesn’t He? I love it when He gives us undeniable proof.

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