A dream – Zoos turn animals into babies

Not sure how I got there, but I am pretty sure my brother (Revelate Event Management) played a role in it. I was sitting in a large room at a table with a couple random guys and Lecrae and Ben Washer (founder of Reach Records – except he was black). There were lots of other hip hop artists in the room, preparing to perform at some large event.

I saw lots of people starting to get in line to grab a bite to eat, so I headed that way for some pizza (vivid non-factor in the dream). While on my way to the line, I saw this lady at a booth who was saying something about humans and animals. I kindly said hello. Not sure why I didn’t just ignore her. She informed me that she works at the zoo and that they were doing research.

The zoo said they were successful in discovering that babies (human ones) transform from animals into humans during the 9-months they are inside a mother’s womb. Sounded to me like they were attempting to really do what they could to prove evolution to be legitimate. I might have listened longer, but I saw a small black animal feeding trough on their table.

I first saw a pool of dark liquid inside, and then realized there were two babies inside – one larger than the other. They didn’t appear to be alive to me, but she assured me they were breathing. I was furious, knowing that they could only be alive if still attached to the umbilical cord inside the womb. And then I decided to ask her why they looked like every other baby I’ve seen pictures of (from those new 3D ultrasounds, I guess). She let me know that just a week ago these babies did look like animals, but she didn’t bother with being specific about the kind.

Abortion has always been a subject I don’t take lightly, so I started to raise my voice and let her have a piece of my mind. Thankfully, Lecrae came over and drug me back into the food line. Not sure how this all would have ended if he didn’t. The one question that’s left, burning in mind after waking up today…..”why would the zoo choose to market this kind of research to hip hop artists in a food line?”.

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