Why Digital Disciples?

digitaldisciplesblock180There has been quite a bit of excitement behind this new ministry, and that’s all because God saw the need and the Spirit started to speak. Not because an individual got to a certain level (intelligently, spiritually, or financially). God has let me work for one of the largest corporations in America, let me have discussions with some of the leaders in this industry, but first He let me find the cross. I came across this blog post today by Bob Hyatt that re-affirms that I’m not a “wacko” that sees what God wants to do. Technology sometimes spins out of control, even and especially in ministry.

I believe it all starts with personal discipleship. You might see some of these televangelists or large churches booming with 15 services a weekend (sarcasm of course) and wonder how in the world can it all be about just their message? I’ve heard our pastor speak to this just this week as he seeks to find ways of making our gatherings be about him as little as possible. Sure, God’s still given him an excellent heart, and he still needs to be heard. And he still needs to lead. But God is moving in the lives of those in the seats sometimes more than even the pastor. And God is moving in my life, so Digital Disciples has begun. That’s what happens when God truly is moving through the body of the church. They don’t necessarily have to get all caught up in just their church’s ministries (especially if they don’t fit).

For me – our church meets in a high school, so any ministry outside of our meeting times has to have even more sweat poured into it. So why not network with other churches, other people in the community that are being led by the Spirit to actually move with their faith. And for now, we meet monthly to sharpen our technology skills as a group and conclude the evening with a time of Bible study and prayer. It’s as simple as that. Almost too simple, but still a powerful way to be humble, serve, grow, and glorify God. Join us on March 5th here in Ohio, or maybe contact me about starting a group in your area!

PRAYING that God keeps me disciplined, and I can keep running and have energy / focus with a busy time ahead of me. PRAISING God that He showed my family his greatness through a friend bringing us a meal today.

  1. Praise God for what you are doing to spread the Gospel with others, through Digital Disciples ..God Bless you.

    • Thanks for reading. Glad to see you are using your creative talents as well. Have a great weekend!

  2. What an awesome idea. I've often felt that the world of media has become less vertical and more horizontal and that church should be the same. Less sermonizing and more social discipleship. I only wish I lived in Ohio to drop in on a meeting to check it out.

    • Thanks! I agree about the less vertical and more horizontal approach. Empowering many compared to empowering a few. I'm sure we could get a Digital Disciples group going within an hour of where you are located? Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love when these type of things happen. Just tonight over a few pieces of pizza I was having a discussion kinda relating to this. We were talking about how different denominations don't work together, but instead do their own thing.. in essence we are all the CHURCH and should be working together. I am glad you are doing this ministry. I'm praying God will use it in a mighty way.

    • Totally agree. There need to be more ministries that allow denominational walls to be broken down and to get to the point. The power of the cross, a changed life of repentance, and glorifying God through what He's blessed us with. Thanks for praying about, I appreciate that! Excited to get one of these ministries going possibly close to you.

      • I'd definitely agree with you there. Nothing like breaking down walls and letting God move as only He can. Let me know if you can get one of these meetings closer to me. I'd love that.

  4. Love this idea – it's got me thinking about what we could come up with in our town. Keep us informed on how it goes

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