What am I scared of?

digitaldisciplesblock180God has a great thing going with Digital Disciples. It’s been almost too much to handle alongside of my daily web / graphic design services to be honest. And that’s where I stand today. I feel compelled to put as much time and effort as I can into making the network / local gatherings the best I can for the Lord. But on the other hand, I have to put my best time into serving clients and paying bills. Being in the bill-paying mindset can take its toll and even be unhealthy at times. Challenges like that sure make us learn, even if they are uncomfortable! But I’m not one to tell God that He shouldn’t have me here at the moment.

God knows what’s best, but I also know that He can use great people (like yourselves) to assist me as I move forward. There are now four cities where local gatherings are taking place on a monthly basis. We now have a weekly chat at 9pm EST on Thursdays (add me or visit here then). And even though winter isn’t here quite yet, I can feel the snowball getting larger and moving more quickly as time progresses!

I’m going to record a video for you in the next few days that sums all of this up, but I’ve never been here before. My friend Chad and I met today for lunch, and he hinted that this is what we get for being pioneers! I don’t have the money to pull this off. Whether that comes from sponsors, donors, grants, etc…….I have no clue. Who helps me figure this out? Do you have thoughts or answers that might help me?

  1. Wow, big questions, Gabe… and ones which can only be answered with much prayer, and probably fasting too!

    I’m very glad it’s catching on and I’m excited to see where God leads YOU to take it!

  2. I love your heart. Praying with you. So excited to see where God leads. But if I’ve learned anything from this past year, it won’t be easy. STINKIN’ AWESOME, but not easy.

  3. Bill Jaimez

    Man I will be praying for clarity for you in this endeavor. Keep it up man and I look forward to seeing what God has planned in and thru you.

  4. Hey Gabe, I read this quote last week on Ben Arment’s blog referring to a friend describing an opportunity:

    “It fit my economic statement, but it didn’t fit my mission statement.” link to post: http://www.benarment.com/history_in_the_making/2009/11/selling-out.html

    From the brief time I got to spend with you, I get the sense that you and your wife have a pretty good idea what your mission is (and are blessed immensely that you have such a big calling). Something my wife and I’ve learned over the past year of stepping out in faith is that you can’t let the fear of money drown out the joy of serving.

    When I read your earlier post about leadership as a disservice I almost wrote the following (I didn’t because I wasn’t sure what you were trying to say about how you were feeling, in retrospect I should have. I’m sorry that I didn’t).
    Do you love and trust God enough that you are willing to give up everything, even your own relationship with Jesus Christ, in order to serve Him? Because that is what He has done for us. He gave up His own relationship with Jesus so that we might have a relationship with Him.

    In light of that, paying the bills can seem kind of small.

    ps I still owe you an email.

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