We are on the map!

Before I get into this, I wanted to thank Jeff Flowers for allowing me to be a guest blogger on his site today! Be sure to follow him on Twitter as well – or start using Twitter today if you’re not.

mapNow back to this map we are on. This weekend I finally took a little time to start taking my missional vision with Digital Disciples and following through with missional action. You’ve read before that this is the one thing that has my gears turning. I love everything else God is letting me do at the moment: working at home and helping churches / ministries with websites / blogs, working part-time at Vista Community Church with the web / media, and even getting a new God’s Mac Podcast episode out every now and then. The vision He has given me with this is just different – I can’t put my finger on what it is.

The next step with Digital Disciples was to take the connections in other cities and start posting their interest online. My goal was to make it as clear as possible what God was up to. It’s obvious to me that this ministry is needed in many other cities besides Columbus, OH – there’s no question about that. So I’m taking those disciples that have contacted me, and assisting them in getting these groups running by placing them on the map. It’s simple. They want to also meet monthly, discuss technology and open God’s Word. Pray for each other. Share Christ with those that don’t have the privilege of knowing Him yet!

They are the answer to what God is wanting to do. It’s a prayer being answered before your eyes, for those that think God’s not alive today. The next prayer? Probably a prayer that many other organizations / groups / churches have. That those interested at all would take one step if that is what God is calling them to do. If you’re interested, take the step and let me know. If you’re confused, we understand and can help. Maybe it’s not for you, and it might be for a friend, family member or neighbor? Do us a favor and pass the word along!

PRAYING that we are responsible with the mission God has given us. PRAISING God for connecting me with you.

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