Thoughts on Twitter Lists

Returned home from the Cultivate and Story Chicago conferences (more on those in a few days) and saw that Twitter Lists are now a reality. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, until now you just had a long list of friends. They weren’t divided into their areas of expertise or interest. But that has changed. Rather than write a long review, I thought I would just post a few reasons why these lists seem to be a good idea. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here to check out the lists that I’ve been added to or click here to see a list I am forming of those that are interested in Digital Disciples local gatherings. Would love to hear your thoughts as well!

A few thoughts on Twitter Lists:

  • Let you quickly see what people think of you. You can’t hide from that, right?
  • Like TweetDeck and other apps, they now let you focus within the chaos.
  • Chances are you’ll find those you should be in contact with more quickly.
  • I don’t see them replacing the hashtag for organized discussion
  • Should be helpful in connecting those interested in your product / service together
  1. Agree… and it will be one more thing to measure your popularity by… not only the number of followers but how many lists you are on 😉

  2. Interesting feature. When it popped up on my account, it wasn’t entirely clear that the lists are public (which they are until you make them private).

    But the neat part is that you can see others’ lists and then subscribe to the list — not one at a time – supposedly.

    I think that would be useful.

  3. FrankleeMiDeer

    I like this. Here we have a Catholic, A UMC (me), and others working for God, on a medium that some people would say is completely “of the devil!”

    God is good to me. The least I can do is tell people!

  4. I agree with you, this is a positive thing. Instead of only needing to use Twitter on apps that allow groups, I will soon be able to access the people I really want to hear from more easily.

  5. I’m glad that Twitter is finally doing this, though I’ve had it for a while now in TweetDeck. I wonder if this is going to encourage more people to actually use the Twitter site and interface rather than using third party apps?

  6. Tobie

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know a twitter from a tweeter. Neil Cox said if I came here I could learn about the mayor honoring Sister Elease on Wednesday. I am disappointed. I was misled.

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