Technology shouldn’t shape me

Hello. My name is Gabe, and I am a ___________. Usually that blank for me gets filled in by “designer, podcaster, webmaster, etc.” I wonder if that’s what I will share after entering heaven, praising God, and answering for my life? While I am answering for my life, I sure hope God isn’t looking to hear my accolades. He shares His desire for us in His Word. Our goal shouldn’t be to hear about what we did, but to hear Matthew 25:21.

I want to open myself up a bit with this blog. Maybe let God speak through you as you communicate back with comments or emails. Maybe I can be fine with just being transparent about where I am, confused about where God is taking me. You’re probably aware of the Digital Disciples ministry that God has allowed me to start here in Columbus, OH. If not, it’s simply technology training for the public in an effort to portray Christ to them, grow friendships with new individuals, and maybe connect them with a church for the first time. Technology is a big part of it, but I know that’s not the focus God has given us. He wants to take technology and shape lives through it, not with it.

potteryshapeI just finished reading some material from a tech-loving pastor. He hints that technology should shape our faith. I have to disagree. Once our faith is growing and mature, our faith in Christ should shape everything else that is a part of us. Blasting technology doesn’t improve the message of Christ. It might awaken our senses, but it shouldn’t take technology to do that!

We are not in control of shaping ourselves, or letting something else shape us. Romans 9:20 makes it clear that God is in control, and is eager to shape us into a better image of His Son while we have time here on earth. That’s where technology and other things confuse us. They often consume our lives and distract us from where God wants to take us, sometimes even while in ministry. I guess I should make it more clear, it’s satan who desires to misshape or break our lives through distractions. Have you been easily distracted by technology from what God is doing through you? I know I have.

PRAYING for my family, after hearing news this morning that my cousin was killed in a car accident. PRAISING God for shaping each of us as He already has, and for not letting any of us break beyond repair.

  1. Gabe…this is why you are my guy man. Great post. Word up. Very timely…and yes…very convicting! Love ya man.

  2. Lee Love

    Gabe great post and you always help bring me back to God which is where our focus should be.

    My prayers are with your family.

  3. Not to just tout my blog, but yep. as my post today (3/11/09) suggests. I’ve let my foundation crack. Gotta fix that. Good Call Bro.

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