Selebrity Sunday #1

selebritysundayStarting today I am going to kill two birds with one stone. I am going to spotlight something / someone who is a selebrity (yes, I know it’s miscpelled) to me, and follow a common trend of blocking out a day of the week here on the blog for this something special. The goal? To connect you with someone you might not have heard of before! If you’re anything like me at all, you probably get a bit tired of hearing the names that everyone else is shining their spotlights on. I wish them the best and all, but God doesn’t work just within anyone’s specific circle. I mentioned giving this a shot in the post a few days back, and am thrilled to start spreading the wealth. Seems like a pretty popular trend as well……might even get someone elected someday? Sorry!

adkeynoteuserMy selebrity for this Sunday is Brian Peat. Brian is actually one of the eight guys who attended our first Digital Disciples gathering last Thursday. He is also a talented individual when it comes to technology. He’s partnered with my new blog and owns one of the four ad spots here for his site. If you’re not familiar with Keynote, it is Apple’s alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. If you’re looking for great presentations and own a Mac, there is no better way to go. And there’s no better site to go to for nice themes and info for your Keynote presentations than his. Brian’s done a very nice job with the new website, and I’m looking forward to watching him succeed as a result of his efforts. Follow @brianpeat on Twitter as well!

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