New era of disciples

paulmapThis map is from a different era. I remember staring at these maps while sitting in the small sunday school classes or during sermons that had everything but my undivided attention. Compared to the methods of transportation we have today, the travel alone in Bible times should cause us to be in awe of their dedication. Disciples and apostles were called to go out, leaving their comfort zones with one mission in mind. Reaching the lost for Christ. They weren’t called to greatness before they left on these journeys. Sometimes the largest impact is made in the smallest of meetings, or through plans that don’t make perfect sense before the first step is taken. What was about to happen through them really had nothing to do with their plan or even preparations. When God was moving there was nothing that got in the way. Not the sea, a prison or the possibility of being stoned to death. And the results…..they were life-changing and even sometimes soul-saving. The following verse applies today, just as much as it applied to those people.

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.” John 8:31

atlantatocolumbusmapWhat is about to take place here in Columbus, Ohio is truly special. Not because of any of the people that are involved, but because it is obvious that God is moving in a new way. I’ve included another (more contemporary) map that requires the type of cost as the one above. The map isn’t really remarkable because of the distance traveled, although it is fascinating. My friend Daryl (aka spirit20 on Twitter), who I’ve never personally met, just booked a flight for our second gathering of Digital Disciples here in Ohio. He shares the same passion many of us do (online and here in Ohio). Daryl knows that God is at work, but he doesn’t stop short of saying “here am I Lord, send me”. What turns my soul sideways is the fact that this isn’t about the numbers attending, exposure, financial profit or fame. With God moving, prayer taking place, and a focus I’ve never seen before – there’s nothing that can stop a journey like this. The mission is to grow closer to our heavenly Father. Sure, we’ll focus some on technology, but the God I serve has been able to move through things that seemed even powerless or impossible. It won’t take specific technologies for Him to speak, although many of those will help. The Spirit has been at work, planning this occasion long before it was even planned.

Daryl is just as excited about this as I am, I can tell. If the Spirit is working in your life, a trip to Columbus is not required. You’re more than welcome to attend one of our monthly gatherings (starting on February 5th), and my doors are open to house you and hopefully make money less a part of the picture. If you would love to make it, but can’t, please do us a favor and join us on Facebook or call me at 614-787-8544. We’re excited to start looking at ways that Digital Disciple gatherings can take place elsewhere, if that is what God wants.

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