Networking beyond the honeymoon days

I’m now on a mission with this blog. A mission to share what I am passionate about, and to help people that I haven’t helped yet.

For those that don’t know me too well, I am a pretty calm and serious person. There have been crazy moments in my past, but the people I’ve met recently wouldn’t have guessed that. If you want to laugh all of the time, act like life is a bowl of cherries, or slide down rainbows……wrong blog to be reading, sorry! I’m struggling at the moment with the post I wrote back on January 20th, sharing the two ministries I am preparing to be a part of. One is the BibleTech conference I am speaking at and the other is the Digital Disciples local gathering I am starting (small group of creatives and techies).

excitedgroupbeachWhat’s nagging at me is that there is this huge gap in my mind as I look at both of these ministries. When I picture (and hear about) people attending a conference, I am haunted by the feelings kids get on Saturday mornings when they are leaving from a week of highs with friends at a camp. You’ve probably experienced it. You’re exhausted as you are leaving. The worse part? You don’t even know where to go now that you are headed back to a life of normality and loneliness. And there’s a good chance it will be like that for more than a few days. I’ve been to a few conferences, and I can’t say that one has really changed my life or impacted me tremendously. Giving me something that I can’t wait to give to someone else. Sure, I’ve “learned” and met new people. But where does it go from here? And I’m going to go speak at one of these conferences?!?!?

The other, as I posted earlier, is something I am anticipating greatly. It’s exactly what I believe we all should be doing, but we’re not. Spending time with other people, pouring into their lives on a continual basis, sharing and learning from each other while not holding tightly to the wisdom of this world. You’ve probably been where I am right now. You realize that you could change the world, but you’re not sure if you could handle the task. There are many other people as, if not more, talented than you in that area, but you hold back from interacting with them. You like it just where you are, and would prefer not to REALLY get “social”.

This is where my brain is at the moment. Excited about going to the conference, but wanting more to change just one life there than be that hyper-social-freak-show that wants to meet everyone and make sure they have his web address when they leave. Fewer followers to me is better, if it results in deeper relationships. More like making a new lifelong friend than a pen-pal you write to once or twice. Or your 1,600th friend on Facebook that doesn’t even care who you are! One thing I do know. I am not the only one that thinks thoughts like these. I’d be thrilled to hear a few that have raced through your mind! HELP!

  1. Gabe, I just have to say that when you say you're a serious, calm person, the only thing I could think of was when you used to fall down on purpose in Subway or other public places. And how Joel got that from you, and when we went to visit the Air Force Museum in Dayton, he barked really loud. In public. But he's calmed down some since having kids, too. 🙂 Anyway…enjoying your blog, and I hope you're enjoying blogging. 🙂

    • That one made me laugh! Those were definitely some good times. Always was fun hanging out with Joel, that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I am enjoying blogging!

  2. Chris Yoder

    I understand exactly what you're talking about, Gabe, and I will be praying for you, that God will show you EXACTLY what He wants you to do! Thanks for sharing!

  3. janelle taviano

    My thots went to Jesus…..He ministered to the 1,000 ~ He ministered to the 12 ~ to the 2 thieves ~ 1 woman @ a well ~ the group of leaders ~ people in a boat, an upper room ~ and then He said, " not my will but Thine be done "…. God always tells exacts…."go to this gate" ~ " get these pots" ~ " put a chord out this window" – – – – and then watch the miracles of GOD happen that we can NEVER EVER DO….HE asks…we obey….HE moves….conference, disciple, 3 little girls….zoo's……….." just enjoy…prepare….be ready…obey….enjoy….that HE asked"

  4. Hi Gabe,
    Thanks for this post. We were just talking a few days ago about how some in the music industry (even the Christian music scene) are so disconnected from those who have been touched by their music. It’s sad, but it is challenging as well. We want to connect with those who have been blessed by our ministry.
    Let God lead you Friend, and we’ll be praying. We’ll be praying that God prepares the hearts of those He wants you to touch. Know too that you may not know of how you blessed someone until you get to Heaven. But, God knows and He will reward you for your faithfulness and obedience!
    Stay in touch, and have a blessed rest of the week!

    Love in Christ,
    Andy and Miranda – In Him

  5. I know exactly what you mean.

    As far as I have found, the only way to deal with it is to fix your eyes on God and go where he sends you and do what he tells you and whatever comes of that comes of it.

    Easier said than done though!

  6. Hey Gabe, I see where you’re coming from – yesterday I looked at my schedule for March and went, “I think we’ve all forgotten that it’s Lent…” Conferences, conferences, conferences, and a compulsion to get “out there” and meet people. Not that I’m canceling my trip to BibleTech09, so I’m as screwed up as anyone…

    As for “changing a life,” I agree. I’m hoping to use Facebook to create a space where folks can keep asking questions of each other and sharing ideas well past BibleTech09. Twitter has helped with this too. I’m kinda tired of going to conferences where everyone’s written a book..

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