My digital dreams

digitaldisciplesblock180About two years ago they started.
They weren’t nightmares! And they weren’t necessarily all taking place in my sleep. They were dreams. Dreams of what life would be like if God stepped in and made a miracle happen in my life. Another miracle added to what God is already doing in lives through salvation and the cross, grace through forgiveness, and purpose through restoration. As if those weren’t enough, I was ready for God to knock my socks off one more time. He knew my passions, but could He connect my passion with a purpose? Was He really interested in taking new requests, or is He that boring God some “religious people” believe is just concerned with church budgets and whether or not our Sunday facilities are breaking down?

And He was! After a few bumps in the road, He has turned a dream into a mission.
You can see the mission taking place by glancing over the map on the front of The past few weeks – and days – God has turned the dream into a mission. He’s given myself and the others listed on the map the same nudge He gave disciples many years ago. Go! Enjoy creativity and technology. Connect frequently with people you might have never met, or that you’ve only connected with online. Share what God is up to with some that have never heard. And in 2-3 weeks we have seen around 10 new disciples stand up and be a contact point / part of that dream. And a second group is having their first gathering in Charlotte, NC on Monday!

I honestly believe we each have a dream like this in our life.
It could be a new start from scratch, or linking together with another that God’s given the same dream to. One thing I do know – dreams like this don’t just come true. They take a God that is able to turn them into reality and a mission. If God could take the world you live in and open a door that you never thought possible, what would that be? Could the world we live in really be changed by your dreams? I’d be thrilled to hear about your dreams, so feel free to comment outside the box – write whatever comes to mind!

PRAYING for the dreams that God is ready to give you. PRAISING Him for giving us a freedom to dream BIG, and not leaving when we think we might be asking too much!

  1. Love this post. You ready for my dreams? Get completely out of debt. Take our whole family to Cambodia on a missions trip to visit our orphanage. Go on an African safari. Visit my friend Nicki in Australia. Go on a Worldwide Zoo Tour. That sort of thing.

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