Leadership as a disservice

I’m struggling. Mentally. Trying to figure out what it means these days to be a leader and still serve as a result of Christ’s example. I want to write a blog so badly on this, but I’m going to play nice and just shut up until God tells me when it’s right to speak out. At the same time I’m excited for the path God’s given me to lead together with other Digital Disciples around the globe. But at the moment, I’m going to pray that God lets me actually serve the least of these before getting so wrapped up in asking others to do the same.

I’ll leave you with a question – maybe you can help me on this one! Maybe some of you are more ready to speak on this one than me? Is it a disservice to the Lord if our ministry looks like a success, while the intention of our heart (the individual) has never been to lead the least who need us to guide them most?

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