Digital Disciples just sounds cool

Not sure why God has me writing this at the moment, but I haven’t blogged in a few days – and this is what is weighing on my heart.

Being a disciple doesn’t come easily
The past few months I’ve started to speak out a bit more about the local monthly (free) gatherings that are starting to take place across the globe via the Digital Disciples network. Some people respond by saying “I wish there was a group in my city… sounds so cool” or ask “could you stream your monthly gathering in Columbus live over the internet so we can sit in on it from the comfort of our couch”. Obviously paraphrased from responses I’ve heard!

I’ll be honest. I know there are some people who “have heard” about Digital Disciples. They feel like they should get involved, but they didn’t start it. They’d rather stick to the ministries that have their name on them, like living the Christian life is all about knowing who’s doing the most good. That’s what I love most about this discipleship network that is growing. It’s completely grassroots. No funding, no business plan, and honestly no measurement of what the world would call “a success”. Find a coffee shop or location that works, get together once per month and watch God move.

The way I look at it, it’s already a HUGE success. I get to meet with a fellow disciple tomorrow for lunch. Someone that’s been placed in a tough position, but has as much tech skills as the rest of us that meet here in town. What an honor!

The challenge for us all
Do you enjoy growing in your understanding of technology or creativity and have a passion to follow Christ? Are there at least two more individuals in your city who could meet with you on a monthly basis? Imagine forming a group where the sky is the limit to both your tech / creative understanding and in the transparency of your life of faith / spiritual growth! I think it’s time we realize just how important people are, and stop focusing on “what we can do” or the “services we have to offer”.

How about you? You spend time listening / giving lately? Or does everything you touch involve receiving only? The feet of the disciples had to move. If they were still alive on earth today they wouldn’t just be creating online ministries. They would be living them.

  1. Great post, Gabe. I wish I knew other people in Hanford, CA that would want to start a DD meet-up with me. But I don’t 🙁

    I’m so glad it’s taking off though. God works in wonderful ways through you and your wife!

  2. Excellent post. I’m about to checkout your digital disciples and see what that’s all about. It’s amazing how technology can be used for so good an so bad at the same time. I’m glad to have found so many people that are using it to glorify the one that gave us the talents to even fathom something like the internet. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog as you have many of the same thoughts I do on this subject. Take care!

  3. Sounds like a great way to really reach people who want more God, relationship, etc.!!

  4. janelle

    The neat thing about DD….is that it is Spirit/ God driven, lead…. just staying “connected” to The Source – talk about technology – where would it be – without the SOURCE – the mother – what ever ? His Word says – “HE WILL REVEAL, HE WILL LEAD, HE WILL GUIDE” – the I wish, I don’t knows….plug in to HIM, two hands up…and tell Him – I want to start a DD….I want to disciple people for YOU, I am willing…guide ME….guide ME….guide ME.. and then watch out…your mother – what ever…just might explode !

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